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These are the people who make the magic happen! We're always happy to go above and beyond to make sure that your event is as perfect as it can be - and we mean that. Need us to help plan? Sure thing. Need us to help find a venue? We've got a guy for that! Need us to coordinate rentals? No problem. We're here for you - because you're the most important part of what we do.

From left to right:

Front Row: Thomas Robinette (Chef), Laura Clay (Catering Manager), Brandi Collins (Marketing Manager), Tom Meyer (Owner)


Middle Row: Devan Voight (Q Shack Manager),

Rachelle Howard (Business Manager), Quentin Dyson

(Bar Services & Staffing Manager)


Back Row: David Fowle (Venue Relations Manager),

Donald Foreman (Q Shack Assistant Manager)